Careers at Montessori

Here at MLC we truly believe in creating a warm and inviting culture. Our teachers are chosen not only on their credentials, but also on how well they can integrate and bring value to the school. We look for passionate teachers who are enthusiastic in what they do and help spread that enthusiasm to the children they teach.

At MLC we believe that positive change and good ideas come from the bottom up so we are always looking to hear suggestions and opinions from our teachers to help us create a better school.

The school is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Grevillea Grove and we have emphasized on creating a well balanced school both in facilities and student mix. Each child gets a unique and well-rounded experience when they join MLC and our teachers have a large part to play in that.

We hope our website can help answer all your questions, and you can always ask us more through the “CONTACT US” page.


This section contains listings for open roles that we are actively seeking to fill.

  • Please email for Kindergarten positions

  • Please email for Preparatory school positions.

  • Please email for Administration positions