Why we are here – A word from the Director

Our School started in 1998, with only a handful of children – my own and those of some friends.

I realized, without knowing much about the Montessori system of education – I was already half a ‘montessori-an’ at heart – believing in and practicing some of Dr Montessori’s ways with my own children. This made the journey of opening my own school more personal and meaningful. I wanted everyone around me to experience this amazing way of learning and living.

With a passion for making a real difference, my team and I set out to change the traditional concept of education, to make learning an enjoyable and holistically enriching experience for all those involved.

So many years later, we have grown to over 250 kindergarten children and are now taking our passion to the primary level with the hope to change the lives of many more. Our attitude to continuously learn and adapt has made sure we have built a successful kindergarten and we plan to do the same as we grow into the primary level.

Through all the ups and downs we have stayed true to our vision of creating a unique school. In doing so we have surrounded ourselves with determined staff and passionate educators who have helped us create a conducive learning environment which nurtures every child to reach their full potential. It is this team which has built a strong foundation that will allow us to continue our path of delivering excellent education to our children.

MLC is a school with a purpose. We are here to make a difference. Our goal is to raise bright, enthusiastic and happy children who can drive positive change in our world.


Yashvini Dodhia


A few words from our kindergarten Headmistress

Being a dyslexic child myself, I never understood some concepts until I came across the Montessori pedagogy. It opened a whole new world, one of hope and happiness. This journey of understanding myself allowed me to reach my true potential. It is through this experience that I learnt that I wanted to become and educator, someone who could share their experiences and help every child strive to be happy and successful regardless of their background.

MLC is a school that allows students, educators and staff of all backgrounds to feel at home. We havecreated an environment that instils important values and morals with a strong educational and extra- curricular foundation, allowing students to excel in their passions.

Our attitude here at MLC is to keep an open mind, be flexible and adapt to the changing world. We always bring best practices to our staff which in turn helps us develop a strong, current curriculum, making sure our children are getting the best form of education.

I have witnessed this school grow over the past 20 years and have learnt that no two students are the same. Our approach to education is unique, it is tailored to all learning abilities and it focuses on developing each child holistically.


Fatima Alimohamed


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