Modern Montessori International

Established with the purpose of maintaining the Montessori tradition, provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive course in the Montessori teaching method. It provides students with all the knowledge, experience and practical training required in pre-school education.
MMI comprises a teacher-training department, a distance learning department and a mail order department for Montessori materials,
The Nursery School provides students with a first-hand knowledge of how Montessori works and the opportunity to observe young children at work.
MMI organizes and administers Montessori teacher-training courses for part-time and distance learning students in London and other parts of the world. MMI also offers a teacher placement service for national and international positions.
MMI enjoys an international reputation are working successfully in Montessori Positions throughout the world.

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Montessori Learning Centre
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Sarit Centre
Nairobi, Kenya.
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