The School

The Montessori Learning Centre is a welcoming well equipped Montessori School, which offers a  5 year Montessori Programme, between the ages of 1 and half to 6 years.
At the Montessori Learning Centre, we offer a holistic approach to education based on the Montessori Method. This caters for physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development. Children progress at their own rate.This provision of allowing children to develop at their own pace builds their self esteem and fosters a happy environment where children develop a sense of achievement and a first set of values.
As Dr. Montessori said “I did not invent a method of Education, I simply gave some little children a chance to live”.
The Montessori Learning Centre opened its door in January 1998 with 11 children and has since then grown to over 100. The school offers a serene environment, which calls to the child and invites conducive learning.
The staff have been carefully chosen for their experience in Child Education and Development, which is further enhanced by their teacher’s personal touch to every individual child. The grounds are large, allowing ample place for free and organized play.

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Contact Us

Montessori Learning Centre
P.O. Box 649 - 00606
Sarit Centre
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile 1: +254 738 600011
Mobile 2: +254 728 600011
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