Montessori Learning Center Classroom Session

Montessori Curriculum is specially designed to allow children to work with their hands, on concrete material which happens to be a natural tendency in all children. This concept of “concrete to abstract” forms the base of the entire curriculum.
All concepts are introduced through concrete perceptions before the children are able to internalize the actual lesson. The materials for these are of high quality and have aesthetic value. By the end of the curriculum, children are prepared to go to British Curriculum Preparatory Schools, American System or the Kenya System.
The Montessori curriculum is specially designed to allow the child to develop independence holistically, i.e Physical, Intellect, Emotional, Language, Social & Spiritual.
Our 5 main areas enhance the child's development optimally.

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture

The variations/extensions of our 5 main curriculum areas leads us to free arts/ making, Recycling and much more...
Our children are prepared to live in the "REAL WORLD", respect each others space and have self respect.

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