Early Childhood course

Our early childhood course is designed to develop a high level of professional competence in students wishing to become teachers of the Montessori Method for children from two and a half to six years of age. The overview of important educational philosophies provided by the course, together with a detailed study of the Montessori philosophy and approach, enables students to construct a coherent set of educational values. Students are also instructed in the use of the teaching aids designed and applied by Maria Montessori.

The syllabus comprises: Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, Observation and Assessment, Contemporary Issues, Childcare and Health, Safety. Nutrition and Special needs, Exercises of Practical life, Education of the Senses, literacy Skills, Mathematics, Cultural Subjects, Art and Craft, Music and movement, Drama.

 Minimum Entry Requirements.

Have good written and spoken English and be aged 17 years and over. All candidates are assessed for entry by interview and individual merit.

Method of Study

Theory Lecture Course:

One academic year (3 terms)

30 weeks in college (210 hours) supported by home study

Date of study times.

2 days per week (7 hours per week)

Course commences


Entry to course


 Teaching Practice Course:

 420 hours (one term) of teaching practice is compulsory if you wish to upgrade to international Diploma.

This internationally recognised diploma is a suitable and necessary qualification for a Montessori class teacher and is awarded to students with the stage II certificate plus 420 hours of assessed teaching practice.

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