Course Description

The Montessori culture subjects includes:           

Nature Study

The key to work in Nature study is to follow and stimulate your children’s natural interest. It includes the study of living and non-living things. Children will have the opportunity to explore and understand their environment

Botany and Zoology

The Montessori and zoology materials help children classify and refine their perception, enriching the purely sensorial experience, thereby creating the foundation for scientific knowledge to be acquired in the years to come.


The geography materials allow children to explore the universe sensorially. Children will learn to classify over the ages, organizing it into continents and countries.


The study of history is one aspect of your child’s developing awareness of the world in which he/she lives. Children will learn history through creative activities such as modeling, painting, acting, time-line and stories.

Course Objectives

To introduce students to the Montessori Principles for teaching the cultural area of the curriculum. To show how to prepare and present Geography materials. To show how to prepare and present Botany materials. Preparation and presentation of Zoology materials. To discuss ideas for environmental projects that imagines the Montessori curriculum.

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