Course Description

This course intends to help the learner understand the many aspects of curriculum development as developed by schools adopting the DAC approach and that of Montessori philosophy. Learners will gain knowledge on how philosophy, psychology, societal goals and evaluation are influencing early childhood education. The major emphasis of the course will be to see how current emerging theories, specifically the Montessori Theory, relate to our understanding of curriculum development.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the fundamentals that contributes to developing the curriculum. (I.e. philosophy, psychology, etc.)
  • To understand how the teaching learning process is a result of the decisions made on the above fundamentals.
  • To analyse all the factors of a developmentally Appropriate Curriculum (DAC) (I.e. children’s learning and stages of
  • development, type of knowledge, appropriateness of environment and the important role of teachers).
  • To develop and document a personal view on what is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for educating children – and the view of the Montessori teaching method.

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