Course Description

This course assists practitioners to understand Dr.Montessori’s practical research on the education of young children. Some of these are the Absorbent Mind, the Prepared Environment, Normalistaion, the Sensitivity period and Stages of Development. An appreciation of Montessori Education is included.

Course Objectives

  • To discuss the principle of the Montessori Method and its application in the classroom.
  • To discuss with students the organization of the environment and the management of children’s behavior in the Montessori environment.
  • Learners will develop an understanding of Maria Montessori’s life and the people who influenced her.
  • Learners will acquire a better understanding of Maria Montessori’s educational principles.
  • Learners will have the opportunity to review the effects of the prepared environment on young children.
  • The role of a teacher in Maria Montessori’s approach will be discussed.
  • Child Development: The Early Years

Course Description

This course assists practitioners in understanding the process of child development in children age of one month to six years. Some of the areas addressed are a child’s physical development, cognitive development, language development and social development. A discussion of modern theories of child development is included.

Course Objective

  • To discuss different theories of child development.
  • To understand how a child develops physically, cognitively, socially and in terms of language.
  • To understand how a child’s development is one area affects his/her development in other areas.

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